Harbor House Testimonials

October 19th, 2018

Dear Liberty Shores/Harbor House Staff,

On behalf of the Eberling Family I would like to thank you all for the compassionate and attentive care that you provided to our father Jerry over the last two and a half years that he resided at Liberty Shores/Harbor House.  

Dad often remarked to us about the friendliness, helpful assistance and kindness extended to him by the staff. Whether it was fixing a lock to his door by the maintenance crew, being served his favorite food and beverages by the dining room staff, or being bathed by the nursing assistants, Jerry really appreciated your genuine wamth and attention to his needs.  He used to lite up when he was taking one of his many walks in the halls and come acress a staff member who greeted him with cheering “Hello Jerry” and smile.

We fully appreciated that caring for residents with dementia like Jerry can be a challenge.  Dad used to tell me strange things like a fish in Liberty Bay was going to come out of the water and eat him, everyone in the Liberty Shores dining room spoke French to him, the walls had ears, or my favorite, he was living in a bordello.  Throughout this period, the Eberling Family was comforted by the confidence that Dad was receiveing the best care available.  

We in the Eberling Family feel extremely fortunate that we were able to secure a place for Jerry at an establishment such as Liberty Shores/Harbor House for Jerry’s final years.  Your dedication to your residents and the professionalism displayed every day are unsurpassed.

Sincerely, Glenn Eberling

Lois and I appreciate the kind and complete care that Liberty Shores and then Harbor House provided Elaine.  We fully realize the complexity of care required as her dementia progressed and we are amazed at how your caregivers can deal with the hostility that often comes with dementia residents.  We know that we could not, on our own, have effectively and emotionally dealt with some of the stages that Elaine was going through.

We are doing OK with the passing of Elaine.  I think we both realize that dementia actually took much of Elaine away from us some time back and her passing is, in fact, a blessing in that she is now with the Lord, her husband and her friends that passed before her and her mind is fully functional again such that she can, once again, enjoy their company.”

— Family of Resident