Rosewood Courte Testimonials

“Patrick – I want to take a minute to thank you and the staff at Rosewood for your care of my father for the last three years or so. I was very uncomfortable moving Dave into a home and I visited many, many options in the Seattle area, finally settling on Rosewood.  I never regretted my decision. As you know, some combination of me, my wife, and my family, visited Dave every week or two. These visits were always unannounced and we came at all times of the day. We saw activities, meals, and personal care, and all were handled very personally with each resident, with smiles and gentle hands. The building was always extremely clean despite, often, very difficult circumstances.  Dave was always relaxed and usually smiling when I visited; I would spot him before he spotted me. We would sit or walk, and every employee that walked by would say something to him by name. They were so friendly and made him feel safe.  The last time I visited I was sad; sad because I was visiting the last place my father lived, but also sad that I would no longer be visiting this happy place – of course I had come to “know” many of the other residents and employees.  Having no regrets as I look back on the last years of Dave’s life has helped me so much. The quality of the care he received, and knowing he was always happy and comfortable is a big part of that.  So Rosewood became another chapter in our lives, a good one. I’m glad to have met you and your people. Thanks so much for how you cared for Dave.”



“My husband moved to Rosewood Courte about a year ago, he started in the daycare program and then eventually moved in full time. The management team was so helpful with the entire process and the caregivers are magnificent. I tried 2 other places before I found Rosewood and was so glad I did. My husband is thriving and full of life! Thank you Rosewood Courte for your compassionate care!”

Irene M